Eric Brus


Eric and I both work at the Boston non-profit AIDS Action Committee, where our bikes are often parked next to one another. Eric has worked at AAC for over 17 years and volunteered there for longer. Eric runs the HIV/AIDS Health Library, which contains over 200 articles about a range of subjects relating to HIV and AIDS. From those articles are at least 5,000 links to current fact sheets, articles, and reports on HIV, viral hepatitis, and related health topics. It is truly impressive and an amazing public health resource.

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Jack Romano


Me: Hey, do you think I could take your photo for my blog about cycling in Boston?

Jack: No thanks.

Me: No worries. The blog is about promoting the everyday use of bicycles. Here’s a card. Check it out if you get a chance.

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Ryan Meyers


Ryan Meyers is a student finishing his residency in physical therapy at Beth Israel. He rides his Specialized between the Longwood Medical Area and his home near Audubon Circle.

I managed to grab Ryan’s photo before we both rode off into a freak late March sleet storm.

Ride on, Ryan.

Liza Behrendt


This is Liza and she is living proof you can ride a bike pretty much any day of the year, and in style with a helmet to match your frame. It was pretty cold when I asked to grab her photo on the Southwest Corridor bike path, so we didn’t chat too long, but I appreciate her willingness to prolong finding warmth for just a minute longer to have her photo taken. Ride on, Liza!

Noelle Janka


This is Noelle Janka, former Board President and current Volunteer Training Coordinator of Boston Cyclists Union, with her trusty Atala single speed named Fabrizio. As predicted, it was just starting to snow when Noelle and I met up in Jamaica Plain to talk bikes, biking in Boston, and about the upcoming Bike Union Bike Organizer Training this Saturday, March 23. This is a plug, by the way- you should consider signing up if you are at all interested in advocating for better cycling infrastructure in Boston. I’ll be there. Read the rest of this entry »

Jeremy Ross


I’ll confess that I have noticed Jeremy Ross’s bike parked around Boston on more than one occasion and took notice. My first thought was “where can I get one”? Turns out it is a custom build he put together himself. This stylish vintage style-ride is the epitome of utility cycling, with a few very modern amenities. The frame is from Rivendell Bicycle Works. The rear hub is a 3-speed internal gear set, and the front dynamo hub generates electricity to power a set of lights built into the bike. Let’s have a closer look…

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Nicole Freedman

Director of Boston Bikes

Nicole Freedman, Director of Boston Bikes

Today, I happened to run into none other than the one and only Nicole Freedman out on the Southwest Corridor bike path. One of the strongest arguments I can think of in favor of cycling, aside from the benefits it brings for our health and our environment, is that you get to run into your neighbors. When I’m riding around the neighborhood, it’s unusual when I don’t run into somebody I know. Sometimes we just wave at each other. Sometimes we stop to chat and catch up. Connections are made. Ideas are exchanged. This is what we mean when we talk about community, and this is what what we loose when we are trapped in the protective bubble of the automobile. We also get these same benefits from walking. You never know who you might run into. Read the rest of this entry »