Maria Molteni


What better way to ring in Cycle Style Boston’s inaugural post than with the fabulous and talented artist Maria Molteni (check out her work here and here). Maria, seen here outside her South Boston studio building, where her neighbors include Geekhouse Bikes, rides a vintage Fuji Sagres she found in her parent’s basement back home in Nashville. Says Maria, “I went home for a holiday and saw it … and was like ‘what? this is like a car to me! I’m taking this back to Boston!’ I think it was my mom’s at one point”.

Maria’s favorite story about biking in Boston?

“I’ve actually done a lot of different performance art pieces that involved biking through the city. I really enjoy doing that sort of performative biking. Or when we did the Pajaritos Nomadic Pico Picante. That was SUPER fun. I wore jingle bells on my feet and kinda shook one foot and tried to pedal with the other. It’s definitely fun biking with a lot of people, and making a bit of scene is always a good time.”

Although claiming no familial relation to the famed Italian professional bicycle racing team of the 60s and 70s of the same name, Molteni does have this awesome Molteni Arcore racing jersey…



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