Nicole Freedman

Director of Boston Bikes

Nicole Freedman, Director of Boston Bikes

Today, I happened to run into none other than the one and only Nicole Freedman out on the Southwest Corridor bike path. One of the strongest arguments I can think of in favor of cycling, aside from the benefits it brings for our health and our environment, is that you get to run into your neighbors. When I’m riding around the neighborhood, it’s unusual when I don’t run into somebody I know. Sometimes we just wave at each other. Sometimes we stop to chat and catch up. Connections are made. Ideas are exchanged. This is what we mean when we talk about community, and this is what what we loose when we are trapped in the protective bubble of the automobile. We also get these same benefits from walking. You never know who you might run into.

Nicole needs no introduction. As Director of Boston Bikes since 2007, she can be credited for helping turn Boston from one the most bike-unfriendly cities in the US into a nationally recognized biking city. Under her leadership, Boston has added 50 new miles of bike lanes, 850 new bike parking places, launched Hubway, donated 1,000+ bikes to low income residents, and much more. Nicole is also an accomplished Olympic cyclist to boot. Well dressed for the weather today, Nicole smartly chose a sturdy Specialized mountain bike with disc breaks. Many of us were very excited when it was announced in January the Nicole would be returning to her post at Boston Bikes after a year at Maine Huts & Trails. Ride on, Nicole!


One Comment on “Nicole Freedman”

  1. Welcome back Nicole!

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