Jeremy Ross


I’ll confess that I have noticed Jeremy Ross’s bike parked around Boston on more than one occasion and took notice. My first thought was “where can I get one”? Turns out it is a custom build he put together himself. This stylish vintage style-ride is the epitome of utility cycling, with a few very modern amenities. The frame is from Rivendell Bicycle Works. The rear hub is a 3-speed internal gear set, and the front dynamo hub generates electricity to power a set of lights built into the bike. Let’s have a closer look…


Jeremy also built the wheels himself, not once but twice. Last October he was hit by a hit-and-run driver on Mass Ave in the South End, and though thankfully he walked away fine, the incident ruined his wheels (you can read about that experience here on his blog The Waxed Word). Says Jeremy of the incident, “No big deal; it was good wheel-building practice.”

I ran into Jeremy at the end of a snowy day on the Southwest Corridor bike path on his way home to Somerville from his work in Jamaica Plain. Rather than donning the day-glo jackets and rain pants one often sees on cyclists this time of year, he reminds us that one doesn’t really need any special clothing for cycling, save for a few accessories for inclement weather. His canvas shoe protectors, called spats, particularly caught my eye. Says Jeremy of his splats (which he also got from Rivendell),

“Your pants may dry within an hour or so, but there’s nothing worse than standing around in wet shoes all day because they just stay wet. Some people don a different shoe for cycling in the wet, but to me that is ridiculous; I ride in whatever I am wearing.”

Jeremy’s favorite thing about riding in Boston? “You can get pretty much anywhere you need by bike.”


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