Noelle Janka


This is Noelle Janka, former Board President and current Volunteer Training Coordinator of Boston Cyclists Union, with her trusty Atala single speed named Fabrizio. As predicted, it was just starting to snow when Noelle and I met up in Jamaica Plain to talk bikes, biking in Boston, and about the upcoming Bike Union Bike Organizer Training this Saturday, March 23. This is a plug, by the way- you should consider signing up if you are at all interested in advocating for better cycling infrastructure in Boston. I’ll be there.

Noelle has had Fabrizio since last June, the first nice bike she bought for herself after riding a series of ill-fitting beaters. Noelle and Fabrizio were doored last year on the 4th of July. Thankfully both are okay, but the incident reaffirmed her commitment to advocating for safer cycling infrastructure in Boston.


Noelle’s favorite thing about biking in Boston…

“I mean, I’m lucky cause I live in JP. I see people I know on the [Southwest] Corridor all the time and I love the social aspect of it. But it also just warms my heart to see, especially last year, just so many more people riding than the previous years. You see more parents riding with their kids, and old ladies riding their bikes, and people clearly riding to work, and that just makes me really happy.”

…and on why you should consider attending the Bike Union Bike Organizer Training…

“What’s really exciting about the training is that we’re not just training people to do stuff for us- we’re training people to be grassroots organizers for the whole bike movement. The skills that people will learn at this training are skills they can take back to their neighborhood or their cities. I love being to talk to people about telling their stories … Telling a good story and sharing a good story with someone is part of how you build relationships, and building relationships is the key to building a movement. I think this is only gonna take it to the next level as far as building power to make things safer in Boston.”

Ride on, Noelle!

Correction: I originally stated Noelle is Board President of Boston Cyclists Union. The current board president is Phi Tran, and Noelle is currently Volunteer Training Coordinator, as noted above.


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