Jack Romano


Me: Hey, do you think I could take your photo for my blog about cycling in Boston?

Jack: No thanks.

Me: No worries. The blog is about promoting the everyday use of bicycles. Here’s a card. Check it out if you get a chance.

Jack: Alright, I’ll do a photo. 

I think Jack thought I was a reporter doing another story about those crazy cyclists. We caught up later via email since it was pretty cold, and I didn’t want to keep him from the all too rare Roxbury Crossing green light.

Turns out Jack and his partner Kate run a small design firm called Union Jack Creative. They do web and print design, and any other projects that catch their fancy. In honor of the upcoming Boston Marathon, they’ve just released their “Boston via Hopkinton” bus roll poster.

Jack commutes pretty much every day from his home in Fort Hill to his workplace in Harvard Square via the Southwest Corridor, Columbus Ave and Mass Ave, donning Pearl Izumi cycling apparel to keep warm and dry on the coldest days. His bike is a self-built commuter fixie constructed from an old Fuji frame, Weinmann rims, origin8 crank, Shimano pedals and various parts sourced from the spare parts bin. Says Jack,

“The past few years have brought many changes to the Boston cycling scene, including many miles of bike lanes and the introduction of Hubway. These have been a great improvement for us commuters, but there is still a ways to go. For one thing, bike lanes are not maintained to the same level as car lanes; they go unpatched, unplowed and uncleaned for far longer. Also, double parking/standing/loading tends to be tolerated in them. Taking care of those issues would be a boon. I love riding in Boston because it’s a small enough city that you can really get anywhere you need by bike.”

Couldn’t agree more. An interesting fact I learned about Jack is that he sometimes trades his fixie for a Hubway during the summer so he can have the flexibility to change modes if needed. Ride on, Jack


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