Eric Brus


Eric and I both work at the Boston non-profit AIDS Action Committee, where our bikes are often parked next to one another. Eric has worked at AAC for over 17 years and volunteered there for longer. Eric runs the HIV/AIDS Health Library, which contains over 200 articles about a range of subjects relating to HIV and AIDS. From those articles are at least 5,000 links to current fact sheets, articles, and reports on HIV, viral hepatitis, and related health topics. It is truly impressive and an amazing public health resource.

Says Eric,

“Credit for [building up the HIV/AIDS Health Library] rests best with my mentors the late Paul Mitchell, a wonderful man who was the Library’s first coordinator and who served as my model for sharing information/knowledge about HIV with AAC clients and staff, and Mike Immel who was my supervisor for my first 6 years at AAC and showed great dedication to HIV education.”

A veteran bike commuter, and not someone you’d call a fair weather rider, Eric moved to Boston in 1977 and has been riding here since the early 1980s. A lot has changed since then.

“Not that many [people rode bikes then]. It wasn’t as safe. People weren’t used to sharing the road, so there’d be times when you’d be cut off. That still happens of course but there’d be times when you’d be cut off purposefully. Now that seems only to be an accident. There are many more bike lanes now. People are used to having us on the road.”

Well, mostly.

Eric’s commute takes him across the city from his home in Watertown to our offices in Roxbury, a ride that clocks in at around forty minutes. “Sure beats the T,” he says. This sturdy and utilitarian Marin is his daily ride, but he keeps a backup at home just so wont have to miss a day of commuting for any reason.

Ride on, Eric.


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