Anthony & Sativa


There are many things you can carry on a bicycle. Groceries, children, musical instruments, espresso machines.

Add iguanas to the list. Read the rest of this entry »


Bekka, aka Bikeyface


Bekka Wright is the person behind Bikeyface. Last week we connected via the magic of Twitter for a photo shoot and meetup in Inman Square. If you don’t know about Bikeyface, you probably should. Started in June 2011, Bekka has been illustrating the almost-weekly series of cartoons full of funny yet cutting observations about of cycling in the city. Topics range from the rules of the road to gender representation in cycling advocacy to pastries, portraying the magical world that cyclists get to inhabit while drivers and MBTA riders get to slog it out in a drab, sedentary reality. Read the rest of this entry »




This afternoon, like many Bostonians I ventured to the Back Bay area to see first hand what I could, perhaps in search of some catharsis. I found streets nearly empty of cars, sidewalks usually filled with people with just a few stragglers, hoards of news media from across the globe speaking many different languages, national guardsmen reinforcing the perimeter of the exclusion zone, and quiet spaces where people were gathering to mourn. Read the rest of this entry »

Kate Ziegler


This is Kate Ziegler, the other half of Union Jack Creative. When I photographed Jack Romano last month, me mentioned that his partner is also a cyclist, so we got in touch. After weeks of emails trying to find a warm-ish, sunny day to shoot, we just decided to go with it despite the cloud cover. In addition to her design work at Union Jack Creative, Kate works in Operations at the downtown office of the law firm Mintz Levin, and Read the rest of this entry »

Aaron Villere


Aaron Villere is a graduate student working towards his Master’s in City Planning at BU Metropolitan College, with a focus transportation planning and public space. Aaron also works for the Boston Cyclists Union doing advocacy in Cambridge, and will be heading their Bike to Market program at the Union Square Farmers Market this summer. When moving to Cambridge in 2010, Aaron bought his Miyata 610 at Quad Bikes before even buying a mattress because he knew that’s exactly how he’d get around the city. His bike’s name is ‘BW’, but Read the rest of this entry »

David Poplin and his Linus


David introduced himself to me one afternoon a few weeks ago on the Southwest Corridor after stopping to ask me about my bike. Anyone who asks me about my bike will get the story about how I went to New York one weekend, rented a bike from Rolling Orange Bikes in Brooklyn, fell in love and ended up buying it and bringing it back to Boston. The bike is a VanMoof 3, and I am still convinced I am the only person in Boston with one. Please prove me wrong if you are reading this and ride one in Boston. You can read all about the VanMoof in this article in the Wall Street Journal. David was the first person to recognize the bike. He knew the brand because he was thinking about getting one himself recently but ultimately went with a Linus Roadster instead. I had actually test rode a Linus before getting my bike. The coincidences we too much. We agreed we had to meet up and go for a ride and try out each other’s bikes. Read the rest of this entry »

Jen, Simon & Emma McCutcheon


Jen proves that raising small children and cycling and perfectly compatible. Jen, seen here on Green Street, lives in Jamaica Plain with her husband and children Simon and Emma. Simon was quite excited about having his picture taken; Emma was indifferent. Jen has been a bike commuter since 1995, and she and her family were car-free until just three months ago.  She rides daily from JP to her work downtown on her utilitarian Specialized bike. Read the rest of this entry »