David Poplin and his Linus


David introduced himself to me one afternoon a few weeks ago on the Southwest Corridor after stopping to ask me about my bike. Anyone who asks me about my bike will get the story about how I went to New York one weekend, rented a bike from Rolling Orange Bikes in Brooklyn, fell in love and ended up buying it and bringing it back to Boston. The bike is a VanMoof 3, and I am still convinced I am the only person in Boston with one. Please prove me wrong if you are reading this and ride one in Boston. You can read all about the VanMoof in this article in the Wall Street Journal. David was the first person to recognize the bike. He knew the brand because he was thinking about getting one himself recently but ultimately went with a Linus Roadster instead. I had actually test rode a Linus before getting my bike. The coincidences we too much. We agreed we had to meet up and go for a ride and try out each other’s bikes.

Turns out David works at a law firm downtown where he does design and communications. He lives in Jamaica Plain with his wife Laura and three year old son Emeric. By choice, they live a car-free life, having just put in an order for a Yuba cargo bike at Ferris Wheels. Their new bike just happens to be this same bike that was featured on Lovely Bicycle. We agreed I would have to do another photo shoot of the whole family with their new cargo bike when it arrives.


David and yours truly with our respective bikes

It was a sunny afternoon when we met up, so we decided to cruise around the Arnold Arboretum and try out each other’s bikes. My thoughts on the Linus? Compared to riding the tank that is my VanMoof, the Linus felt light and nimble in comparison. David’s thoughts on the VanMoof? He found the ride easy and smooth, and we both agreed the frame size of the VanMoof was well suited to gentlemen of our height.


David on the VanMoof

Yours truly on the Linus

Yours truly on the Linus


David shows off the Linus in Hyde Square

Ride on, David!


3 Comments on “David Poplin and his Linus”

  1. […] with his daughter Lucia and friend Isabella alongside. We got to chatting, both of us being fans of Dutch bicycles. Andrew is a physician who lives in Cambridge, and his work takes him to various locations around […]

  2. Marco says:

    Sorry to let you know but there is another Vanmoof in town ;-). I just have a pic of the bike but not of me with my bike. It’s my main resource for transportation throughout Boston. And I flew it in when I came to the US in the same plane I arrived.

    • Thanks Marco! I had a Vanmoof sighting in Cambridge a few weeks ago so I know there are more out there. Most people tend to think it’s some kind of custom made bike though. I should get a picture of you and your Vanmoof. Send me a message through the website to get in touch.

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