Aaron Villere


Aaron Villere is a graduate student working towards his Master’s in City Planning at BU Metropolitan College, with a focus transportation planning and public space. Aaron also works for the Boston Cyclists Union doing advocacy in Cambridge, and will be heading their Bike to Market program at the Union Square Farmers Market this summer. When moving to Cambridge in 2010, Aaron bought his Miyata 610 at Quad Bikes before even buying a mattress because he knew that’s exactly how he’d get around the city. His bike’s name is ‘BW’, but he won’t tell me what that stands for, only that ‘BW’ is male-identified. Intriguing. Aaron also identifies himself as a Cantabrigian, a term I don’t think I hear often enough.

We followed up by email later on and he shared some thoughts about cycling in his burg…

“Cambridge has really outdone itself thus far installing bike infrastructure, timing traffic signals, and staging community programs to increase biking in the city, and it’s starting to see dividends. However, I’d love to see the City of Cambridge take on a more aggressive Open Streets/Ciclovia program this summer; currently, they close a section of Memorial Drive on Sundays, but I’d love to see neighborhood streets (especially Cambridge St or Mass Ave) “opened” throughout the summer where the opportunity to highlight local businesses is bigger.”

and on why he cycles and why cycling is important for our communities…

“Biking is quick, it’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s fun, and you get big quads doing it. Cycling just makes so much sense, from the health gains to the mental boost to reducing congestion and making our neighborhoods more enjoyable and livable. I love the Enrique Penalosa quote about how when two people meet on bikes, they meet as people. I got into bike advocacy because biking is more than just a hobby or a travel choice–it’s a way to renew our connections to each other and our communities!”

I would be remiss not to mention that Aaron writes his own blog over at The Flying Villere. He also plans to ride in the Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride this year. Ride on, Aaron!



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