This afternoon, like many Bostonians I ventured to the Back Bay area to see first hand what I could, perhaps in search of some catharsis. I found streets nearly empty of cars, sidewalks usually filled with people with just a few stragglers, hoards of news media from across the globe speaking many different languages, national guardsmen reinforcing the perimeter of the exclusion zone, and quiet spaces where people were gathering to mourn.


At the corner of Boylston Street and Berkeley, just two blocks from the marathon finish line, I came across a group of people standing in front of an informal memorial of flowers and candles. Some were crying, some were looking towards the scene of the tragedy, some were reflecting, eyes closed. It was a moving experience, and it made me feel incredibly proud of this city where I grew up and call home.

Today, my deepest thoughts are with the victims and their families.


Police and national guard troops at Boylston Street and Mass Ave with wayward travelers.


Berkeley Street looking towards the finish line


Newbury Street at Dartmouth


News media camped out at the Public Garden



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