Stephen Goss

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This Stephen Goss with his 2012 All-City Space Horse he calls Hawkwind, which he has outfitted to be the perfect weekend bike for longer rides and rambles. During the week he commutes from his home near Inman Square to his office in the Back Bay on one of two other bikes: a 1971 Raleigh DL-22 3-speed called Sir Basil the Steadfast, and an as-yet unnamed Windsor Carrera Sport from the late 70s-early 80s.

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The console

Stephen also writes a blog filled with gorgeous bike and bike-related photos. Check it out at He has also been featured over on Lovely Bicycle in an informative post on men’s hybrid cycling apparel.

In his own words on cycling in Boston:

“… it’s probably best described as “liberation”, I ride when and where I want without adhering to schedules, fares, or suffering the company of others fighting for elbow room. And driving a car in the urban compact of the city… I see absolutely no benefit whatsoever.

There have been some great improvements in bike infrastructure and awareness these last several years in Boston, Somerville, and Cambridge, but we still need more consideration, courtesy, and common sense all around from every road user. (What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding?) Time, and more cyclists on the streets calling for better conditions, will tell. Separated cycle tracks would be oh so nice and very welcome.

A few of my favorite things from two wheels: not being stuck in traffic, getting outside the city for rural rides, experiencing my environment in ways that I just hadn’t considered or realized before, and all the great people, places, and things within the cycling community… especially my girlfriend.”

Stephen is also known as Mr. Bikeyface
Stephen Goss-3

Ride on, Stephen!


One Comment on “Stephen Goss”

  1. Gi Indoccio says:

    Stephen, Awesome article!! xoxo Gi and Gracie

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