Brookline Ave gets its bike on


Part of celebrating the everyday use of bicycles and the people who ride them is celebrating the improvements in infrastructure that make it easier and safer for us to get from point A to point B. The paint had hardly dried on the brand-spanking-new buffered bike lanes on Brookline Ave when I went to check them out last week.

Boston Transportation Department made the wise choice to eliminate parking along this stretch of the street. And who doesn’t get some gratification from decapitated parking meters? “No Stopping Anytime”? Yes!


Further down towards Longwood Ave, I stumbled upon the work crew installing the green paint that will clearly define the generously sized bike box being installed at this intersection. They were hard at work putting blue painters tape over the already painted white lines and bicycle decals.


What I love about this project is that it shows what a big improvement you can make just using paint. Without a doubt this will make cycling safer for the many who already commute to the Longwood Medical Area, and encourage new people to try riding. A few extra inexpensive enhancements like moveable plastic posts to keep cars from stopping illegally or venturing wayward into the bike lane would complete this project.


Look how nice and wide that lane is leading up to the bike box.


As with all projects like this, it’s a step. The bike lanes neither extend past the Sears Rotary towards Kenmore Square nor into Brookline. But it is a big step in the right direction. Next up, sharrows on Longwood Ave?


3 Comments on “Brookline Ave gets its bike on”

  1. John_on_Central says:

    Looks like they messed up on the bike symbol a bit there, but looks really great! Get some wands in there and you are good to go!

  2. Alex Epstein says:

    Let’s get a few plastic bollards installed in the buffer zone and bolt some bike parking rings on the decapitated meters, and this will be a splendid improvement indeed! Kudos.

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