Sonja Duempelmann


Sonja is Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She lives and teaches in Cambridge, where her bicycle is her primary mode of transportation. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some pretty cool bikes, and Sonja’s 1950s-era NSU German-made ride definitely ranks among them. She was kind enough to let me take her photo one recent afternoon, and we caught up later by email. In her own words: 

Cycling for me is a means to get to places fast and independently (and I also like going on bike tours; I am planning to get a road bike). I like to move and be out in the air. Boston and the region have many scenic routes, and it’s easy to get around by bike. A bit annoying are the potholes in many streets, and generally speaking, I have found car drivers to be quite aggressive and not very understanding of cyclists on the streets. But it’s better here than in other US cities. Of course, more and differently laid-out bike routes (like in some European countries) would make Boston even more bike-friendly!

Ride on, Sonja!


One Comment on “Sonja Duempelmann”

  1. How wonderful to find this post. I’ve seen Sonja and her bike around, wondering who they were. I used to ride a very similar looking Austrian bike – a Steyr Waffenrad – around Vienna, and I miss it. Thanks for sharing the story.

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