Carice Reddien: Bicycle Belle


You may have seen Carice Reddien riding her Workcycles bakfiets around Cambridge and Somerville, carting around her dog Henry, groceries, or maybe bikefull of CSA vegetables. Carice is the owner and proprietor of the just-opened shop Bicycle Belle located at the corner of Beacon Street and Oxford Street on the Cambridge/Somerville line, one of the busiest junctions for cycling in the Boston area. She has been cycling for transportation since the age of 16 in varied cities she’s lived around the world, and also writes the blog Biking in Heels.

Bicycle Belle stock

Bicycle Belle stock

Carice was putting the final touches on the store when I visited her last week for a photoshoot. Bicycle Belle will focus on selling bicycles and accessories “set up for everyday life- with chainguards and fenders to keep your clothes clean, racks to carry your stuff, lights for showing you the way, and kickstands to keep them  in place when you stop to smell the roses. … with a dash of style.” Bicycle Belle will be the first dealer of Workcycles bakfiets in the Boston area. Repairs will be handled at sister-store Hub Bicycle just on the other side of Inman Square.

Carice, Henry and I rode together to pick up her CSA at the Whole Foods on Prospect Street.

Henry is over 18 years old!

Henry, ready to roll

Bakfiets full profile view

Full profile view


The whole caboodle

Cycle Style Boston wishes Carice the best of luck in her new endeavor. Ride on!



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