Cycling in Buenos Aires, Part 1


Buenos Aires appears to be a city waking up to cycling. The terrain is flat, the climate mild, and traffic jams and gridlock can stretch for miles. Cycling makes sense as a way to get around. In the last few years, the city government has installed miles of protected two way cycle tracks that extend into many different neighborhoods.

Given this is a recent development, cycling appears to be just beginning to catch on. Because of the intensity of the car traffic, it may take some additional building of protected infrastructure to make cycling available and appealing to more Porteños (a resident of BA).

There is a particular style to the bikes here: most people ride single speed beach cruisers with particularly tall, swept back handlebars. There is also a preponderance of folding bikes (perhaps David Byrne has something to do with this?) Less common but still observed are mountain bikes, fixies, and heavy duty delivery bikes.

Here are a few photos I’ve taken so far. More to come.


There is no pot of gold at the end of the cycle track








5 Comments on “Cycling in Buenos Aires, Part 1”

  1. davidniddrie says:

    That’s great to see! I rode bikes (yup, cruisers) around Buenos Aires in 2006/07 but there was little infrastructure to be found, especially on-street lanes – protected or otherwise. We were actually dodging flying hubcaps at one point! Still, it felt like they could be a great bicycle city….now making some inroads, might have to go back to ride the difference! Look fwd to more pics from you!

    • Likewise- I would be very interested to return in 5 years. I understand there is more infrastructure to come. Very adventurous of you to ride here before the protected lanes though! We are renting bikes again on Wednesday, so more adventures- and photos- to come.

  2. cris says:

    I was out in Buenos Aires in 2011 and also found that it was >just< starting to put in some infrastructure and there wasn't much of an urban cycling culture. The one exception is that there were a bunch of young guys in Puerto Madero who pimped out their cruisers with sound systems and weird low-rider suspensions. If you get a chance, head out there, buy a choripan and hang out watching the cruisers go by.

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