Bike Party Planner: Elodie Garcia


In honor of last night’s Boston Bike Party – July Edition, this is Boston Bike Party organizer Elodie Garcia. After living in Washington, DC and knowing a good thing when she saw it, she decided to bring Bike Party to Boston.

Elodie originally hails from France, but feels right at home in Boston. She says the architecture and city planning remind her of being in a European city. She rides a signature pink Schwinn cruiser she bought on Craigslist. You can read more about Boston Bike Party and Elodie in this article in the Metro.

Ride on, Elodie!


2 Comments on “Bike Party Planner: Elodie Garcia”

  1. […] in San Jose, so it only made sense to keep the national Bike Party movement going here. Thanks to Elodie Garcia who lived in Boston just long enough to start bike party and find like-minded folks like myself to keep it going, Boston Bike Party is now one of the best […]

  2. […] Bring your biggest smile. (This is the smile of Elodie Garcia, who founded Boston Bike Party a year ago. Even though she’s since left Boston to travel the world, her smile lives on in Boston Bike Party forever!) Photo:Nathaniel Fink […]

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