Rebecca Albrecht


With her upright Dutch bike, basket full of silk flowers, closed chainguard, always-on panniers, and lack of helmet, Brookline resident Rebecca brings a little bit of the flavor of Amsterdam to the streets of Boston every day. Rebecca has ridden a bicycle for transportation since she was 23 years old, and with her husband Paul raised their two children to love and enjoy cycling too. We will get to Paul in an upcoming post.

Rebecca and Paul plan to retire to the Assen, a small town in the north of the Netherlands, in 2017. Says Rebecca, “I look forward to bicycling everywhere during the last thirty years of my life, along with all of the other old and young people on wide bike paths that go everywhere free of conflict from cars.”

Rebecca is about to launch her own blog: Stay tuned!

An alternate photograph of Rebecca appears in the current issue of Momentum Magazine, Issue #62.

Ride on, Rebecca!


4 Comments on “Rebecca Albrecht”

  1. Rebecca Albrecht says:

    Hi Nathaniel, a few corrections. The flowers are silk not plastic. I pretty much stopped riding a bicycle when I was eleven years old until I was twenty-three when I came to Boston to go to Boston University in 1973. Paul, my husband now, helped me choose my Boston bike. I have been riding in Boston now for forty years! For twenty of those years, I religiously a wore a helmet. I have not worn a helmet since I bought my bicycle in Amsterdam five years ago.
    We use to transport our children in our big Blue Sky orange four-child bike cart. Perhaps you rode in it too as a child. More notable is that I rode my bicycle throughout my first pregnancy right up until a few hours before I went into labor. On that day, I rode eight miles round trip to meet the doctor who would come to do a new-born exam for our baby born at home!

  2. Rebecca Albrecht says:

    I would also like to add that since I was in Amsterdam five years ago I have become passionate about high quality bicycle infrastructure that takes cyclists everywhere that they would want to go, and keeps them safe and makes them feel safe, be they eight or ninety. In June I took David Hembrow’s bicycle infrastructure study tour in Assen, the Netherlands. What I saw was just amazing! Anyone interested can find out more at his blog,

  3. Rebecca Albrecht says:

    I am about to launch my own blog

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