Harsh Vahalia


An eerie August fog was setting in over downtown Boston when Harsh and I were scheduled to meet for our photo shoot. We discussed canceling, but I’m glad we didn’t because the fog added a nice effect to the photos. Harsh and I became acquainted through working on bike advocacy projects around Boston. Recently he has been active in the group Southie Bikes in their ongoing campaign to bring bike lanes to West Broadway in South Boston. Read the rest of this entry »


How to Paint a Bike Lane


This morning we hear the news that works crews have been hard at work installing new bike lanes on A Street in South Boston. A few weeks ago I was in Brooklyn and came upon a work crew installing bike lanes and symbols in Cobble Hill. They were kind enough to let me snap some photos while they worked.

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Julia Fröse


Julia sent me an email after finding a note on her bike while it was parked in the basement of her workplace. Interestingly, I did not leave this note, but I am glad she got in touch for a photo shoot. Thank you, mystery note-leaver! Julia recently moved from Germany to the Boston area, where she is pursuing a Ph.D. in cancer research in a big laboratory in Cambridge: “It’s my dream to help to unravel the mysteries of cancer progression and contribute to better treatments in the future.”  Read the rest of this entry »

Out of town Saturdays: Buenos Aires by Bicycle Pt. 2


Ladies and gentlemen, the fourth and final installment of photos from Buenos Aires, in which the group rents orange bicycles, follows the bike path into the belly of the beast, looks at a very large pink house, gorges on choripán, cycles through a giant park created on landfill, and makes it back in time for dinner. Read on. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Abroad: Moshi, Tanzania


Moshi street scene: man riding what appears to be a Flying Pigeon

In honor of August being the month when many people go on vacation, and when those of us still around like to pretend we are on vacation, Cycle Style Boston is taking you abroad. Having already taken you to the bustling streets of Buenos Aires, we now head east. Last July I had the privilege of travelling to Tanzania for a family wedding. We stayed in the city of Moshi, near the famous Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. Naturally, many photos were taken, and given that bicycles are a common way for people to get around in developing countries, naturally many bikes and people riding bikes managed to find their way into these photos. Here are a few highlights. Read the rest of this entry »

Edwin & Jessie


Jessie is a Research Analyst at Metropolitan Area Planning Council and recently earned her masters in Urban Planning at Tufts University. Edwin DJs around Boston and currently enjoys borrowing Jessie’s Hubway membership while his bike is out of commission. Jessie lives in Jamaica Plain and Edwin in Dudley Square, Roxbury. Cycle Style Boston caught up with Jessie recently for a little Q & A. Read the rest of this entry »

Amy Leung


Amy is postdoctoral researcher at Boston Medical Center. Originally from London, UK, she moved to Boston three years ago and calls the South End home. Her big regret?  Read the rest of this entry »