Navah & Julia


Navah (left) and Julia (right) are best friends who met at a study abroad program in Auckland, NZ. Navah has since moved to Chicago, but returns regularly to visit Julia, who lives in Allston, and ride bikes. Navah is pictured riding the ever-ubiquitous Torker U-district. Julia rides a trusty 1980s Saint Tropez road bike that she has learned basic bike maintenance on. “She matches me most of the time, all black except for yellow on top. The grip tape was my first custom mod. Most people think shes black and yellow for the Bruins, but shes black and yellow just for me.”

Julia is an innkeeper at a B&B in Brookline who commutes regularly by bike she can “sleep in late and still get to work on time at 7:00 am.” Of her work, she says “It’s kind of like hosting a dinner party where you have no say over who’s invited or how long they stay. Its an adventure every day.”

On riding a bike in Boston, she says: “Other than the ease of getting around faster than any car on the road, I love seeing friends, smelling the air (pizza air), and being part of the biking community. Its lovely to pull up to a neighborhood bar and be able to tell which one of your friends are there by knowing their bike. Also I REALLY enjoy racing the 66 bus home, especially because it has no idea that we’re racing.”

Ride on, Navah & Julia!


One Comment on “Navah & Julia”

  1. Rich says:

    Great profile, beautiful girls, nice bikes.

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