Clementine, Sophie & Todd Consentino


Todd and his family live in Roslindale. Todd is a bike advocate, blogger at Biking in Boston with Kids, and GIS & Database Administrator for the Town of Belmont. He commutes by bike every day, rain or shine, 26 miles round trip between Roslindale and Belmont. On the weekends, he and his daughters Clementine (younger, at right) and Sophie (older, at left), hop into their signature orange CETMA Cargo bike and explore the parks and playgrounds along the Southwest Corridor.


Says Todd, “I love that I get to share Boston and its parks with my daughters in a way not possible via any other mode of transportation. I like never having to worry about traffic or whether I’ll be able to find a parking space.”


Todd has taken lengths to customize the bike to meet his family’s needs, modifying the gearing, adding a bench for his daughters to sit on, and importantly, installing seatbelts. His wife made a seat cushion for the bench and matching blanket, and all weather canopy using a tent fly, vinyl, and kite poles. Coming soon: electric assist.


On what he’d like to see improved about cycling in Boston, Todd would like to see more cycle tracks around the city.

The top photo appears in the current issue of Momentum Magazine, Issue #62.

Ride on, Clementine, Sophie & Todd!


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