Amy Leung


Amy is postdoctoral researcher at Boston Medical Center. Originally from London, UK, she moved to Boston three years ago and calls the South End home. Her big regret? She lives too close to work to commute by bike every day, but she finds time to ride for errands, socializing, and longer rides on weekends: “Outside of Boston, there are beautiful, peaceful country roads near the Bedford end of the Minuteman Trail, and I particularly love biking in the Concord and Walden Pond area. Eventually I’d love to tackle an imperial or metric century, and I’m excited about the upcoming Hub on Wheels ride!”

She has three bikes currently, “a folding Dahon and a Trek fitness/hybrid bike that I use for running errands/getting around in Boston, and a recently purchased Specialized road bike that I use for longer rides outside of the city.”

On biking in Boston, she says “generally I’m impressed with the bike infrastructure in most parts of Boston and Cambridge, but I’d love to see a more complete, more widespread network of bike lanes in the city, and improved driver awareness of bikers. I think we’re gradually getting there…! fingers crossed.”

Ride on, Amy!


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