Edwin & Jessie


Jessie is a Research Analyst at Metropolitan Area Planning Council and recently earned her masters in Urban Planning at Tufts University. Edwin DJs around Boston and currently enjoys borrowing Jessie’s Hubway membership while his bike is out of commission. Jessie lives in Jamaica Plain and Edwin in Dudley Square, Roxbury. Cycle Style Boston caught up with Jessie recently for a little Q & A. Edwin will be profiled in an upcoming post.

CSB: Where do you ride most often?

JP: I ride around the neighborhood to run errands or meet up with friends, and I commute to work, so Jamaica Plain to Downtown Crossing, or Dudley to Downtown Crossing if I’m at Edwin’s. I used to ride out to Somerville for grad school, which was always interesting.

CSB: Tell me about your bike.

JP: My bike is an old Motobecane mixte single speed. I got the frame on eBay after I was doored in 2010- I was fine, but my Lotus mixte was not- and then built the rest up from parts off my Lotus- like brakes, handle bars and my basket, which still has battle wounds from the dooring- and new pieces- like bigger wheels, and the single speed gear. The piece I get the most comments on is my cup holder, which I got at Bikes Not Bombs after admiring a similar one on one of the staff’s bikes; I used to try to balance coffee in my basket, which almost always ended in a mess, so it’s super useful. I also loved my multicolored streamers- which were a birthday gift from a friend- but sadly, so did someone else, and they disappeared one night a couple months ago.

CSB: What do you enjoy most about cycling in and around Boston?

JP: Boston is a beautiful city with a lot of interesting neighborhoods and streets and buildings and parks and people, so mostly I love being able to tool around and observe my surroundings. My favorite thing to do is ride around with people who know the city really well- like Edwin, and yourself- and know short cuts or fun detours. I have a terrible sense of direction so tend to stick to routes that I know, or get lost and stressed out.

CSB: What would you like to see improved about cycling in and around Boston?

JP: Not to be a broken record, but better infrastructure is major. The city has made a lot of progress in the past several years, thanks to a number of advocacy groups and forward thinking leadership, but we’ve got plenty more to do. One thing I love about biking through Cambridge is their leading pedestrian intervals. Signaling in Boston is inconsistent and defaults to the car. So, in addition to continuing to add and improve physical infrastructure, I think an overhaul of signaling would be a nice nod to the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

CSB: Anything else you’d like to share?

JP: I like the fact that you and I met at a LivableStreets event! I volunteer on the GIS team Boston Cyclists Union. My dog Chico loves to go on bike rides, and I have two tumblrs: http://chicoandthewoman.tumblr.com/http://jpcartography.tumblr.com/.

This photo appears in the current issue of Momentum Magazine, Issue #62.

Ride on, Edwin & Jessie!


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