Harsh Vahalia


An eerie August fog was setting in over downtown Boston when Harsh and I were scheduled to meet for our photo shoot. We discussed canceling, but I’m glad we didn’t because the fog added a nice effect to the photos. Harsh and I became acquainted through working on bike advocacy projects around Boston. Recently he has been active in the group Southie Bikes in their ongoing campaign to bring bike lanes to West Broadway in South Boston. When not advocating for better bike infrastructure, this South Boston resident works at the downtown offices of Eaton Vance Investment Managers as a Software Architect/Engineer. Upon moving to Boston, Harsh decided to ditch the car in favor of cycling and taking the T: “I use my bike for 90% of trips & 100% of my fun.”

His commute to and from work sounds pretty nice:

“Most of my short commuting route is by the Fort Point Channel so I love the cool sea breeze & the sound of sea gulls before I get to work. Some people meditate or do yoga, I ride my bike by the water.”

Some final thoughts on urban cycling:

“The health benefits of riding a bike are often overlooked by urban commuters. Build your muscles & strengthen your heart while having fun!”

Ride on, Harsh!


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