Boston Bike Party: Back to School


This past Tuesday saw yet another installment of Boston Bike Party. The theme this month? Back to school. Here are a few highlights.  The three photos above are panoramas, so be sure the click on them to see the enlargement. You can view more photos from the evening if you click on over to the Boston Bike Party Facebook album. More photos below the fold. Read the rest of this entry »


Drum Biker: Greg Hum


There is a good chance you have seen or heard Greg Hum riding by somewhere around Boston. If you are a cyclist in Boston, there is also a good chance that you’ve gone on a ride Greg had a hand in creating. In 2009, Greg had an idea to cycle the route of the Boston Marathon at midnight before the race with a group of friends. Fast forward to 2013 and the Midnight Marathon ride has become an institution and tradition: this year the MBTA ran an exclusive Commuter Rail train from South Station to the start line  in Hopkinton. Earlier this year, Greg was part of the group that brought Boston Bike Party to life. Next Tuesday, September 24, Boston Bike Party’s monthly installment – this month’s theme is “Back to School” – will roll again from Dewey Square at 7:30pm. Greg and I caught up for a little Q&A about drum biking, using guardrails as instruments, and Oreo cookies, among other things.  Read the rest of this entry »

Paul Twitchell


Paul Twitchell is Director of Communications at Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, an international human rights and social justice organization located in Central Square, Cambridge. He is also on the Board of Directors at LivableStreets Alliance. If you are not already familiar, they are one of Boston’s preeminent bike, pedestrian, and transit advocacy organizations and have help secure major victories such as bike lanes on Mass Ave, the BU Bridge, and more. Paul is a busy man- this Sunday he is riding in Bike4Life to benefit LivableStreets, then next Saturday Harbor to the Bay in support of AIDS Action Committee. Read the rest of this entry »

Léonard Langlois


Léonard and I crossed paths at Boston Bike Party on a few occasions over the summer, and he got in touch with me recently about doing a photo shoot. Léonard works at Genscape, a provider of energy information for the commodity and financial market. He is a meteorologist supporting the electricity demand forecast team. His office also conveniently happens to overlook the Christian Science Center at reflecting pool, so it made a natural location for a portrait. Originally from Montréal, he moved to Boston several months and brings a hearty, practical, year-round attitude to city cycling. Read the rest of this entry »

Zion Lennox


A few weeks ago I learned through social media that my friend and neighbor Zion had acquired a new bike. I was excited to see a new Boston city cyclist in the making, and glad that he wanted to meet up for a photo shoot to show off his new ride. Zion is no stranger to being featured on blogs; earlier this year he was profiled in a post for The Gay Men Project. By day, Zion works for the American Red Cross as a Problem Investigator. He’s been there 11 years and loves his job: “Nothing is more pleasing than knowing that you are responsible for ensuring safe blood products are being distributed to a person thats in need.”

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Becky Sheehan


My friend Becky was visiting this weekend. Originally from New Hampshire, she now lives in Portland, Oregon, where she does apparel design at Nike. I keep an extra few bikes around for when friends visit, so we spent the afternoon exploring the city on two wheels. Becky plans to do more cycling when she gets home, having just been the lucky winner of a New Belgium Brewery beach cruiser at a karaoke bar raffle.