Zion Lennox


A few weeks ago I learned through social media that my friend and neighbor Zion had acquired a new bike. I was excited to see a new Boston city cyclist in the making, and glad that he wanted to meet up for a photo shoot to show off his new ride. Zion is no stranger to being featured on blogs; earlier this year he was profiled in a post for The Gay Men Project. By day, Zion works for the American Red Cross as a Problem Investigator. He’s been there 11 years and loves his job: “Nothing is more pleasing than knowing that you are responsible for ensuring safe blood products are being distributed to a person thats in need.”

Have you been a city cyclist for a while?

I’m actually pretty new to being a cyclist in the city.

What inspired you to get your bike and start riding?

I ride for fun, relaxation, fitness and to challenge myself.

How has the experience been so far?

I just recently bought a fixie which has now become my new friend. At first I was nervous riding my bike in the city, but after a few trips I’m addicted. There’s nothing like the feeling of the wind in your face and the confidence it gives you after overcoming the fear of riding. I love the ‘buzzy’ feeling after the ride and I feel so happy. On a trip yesterday I actually had the feeling of being at one with my bike – it was awesome. It makes me feel alive, free and relaxed.

What is one favorite place to go in Boston by bike?

I actually started to ride my bike around Jamaica Pond but hands down the best place would be through the Arboretum. Nothing is better than being surrounded by nature.

Ride on, Zion!


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