Léonard Langlois


Léonard and I crossed paths at Boston Bike Party on a few occasions over the summer, and he got in touch with me recently about doing a photo shoot. Léonard works at Genscape, a provider of energy information for the commodity and financial market. He is a meteorologist supporting the electricity demand forecast team. His office also conveniently happens to overlook the Christian Science Center at reflecting pool, so it made a natural location for a portrait. Originally from Montréal, he moved to Boston several months and brings a hearty, practical, year-round attitude to city cycling.

Tell me about your bike

It is an Opus Classico with 7 gears, from a company based in Montréal. I bought it in March 2011 after using the bike sharing Bixi system (like Hubway here) and wanting to get my own commuting bike. It is a reliable and comfortable bike, able to handle tough road conditions like the potholes we have up there and here in Boston! I also own two fixed gear bikes, a blue SE Lager and a refurbished 1984 Fuji frame.

Describe your commute

I wake up around 4:30-5:00AM due to the nature of my job, usually leave home in Medford by about 5:30-5:50AM. There is no to little traffic so I usually get seated to my desk in 25-30 minutes for a 5 mile commute. It is the best way to wake up, and in the afternoon it beats all other means of transportation (I drive occasionally). I don’t really like the Mass Ave stretch in the afternoon with its heavy traffic with little space to squeeze in.

So, what time do go to bed?

9-10pm. I try!

How do you compare cycling in Montréal to Boston?

There are dedicated physically separated bidirectional lanes in Montréal that make it safer. A lot of motorists and delivery trucks in Boston park in the bike lane, more often than not a line of paint. I also started to wear a helmet here which I did not in Montréal as I feel less safe here. However, the winter biking in Boston is easier outside if the few snowstorms out and there.

Ride on, Léonard!


2 Comments on “Léonard Langlois”

  1. jon ramos says:

    Leonard Rules! Love this guy. Officially unofficial meteorologist for Boston Bike Party!

  2. Ben Duncan says:

    Leonard is a really friendly guy! I met him at BBP as well and he’s always nice to talk to. Also, nice DoF on the photo 🙂

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