Better Biking Downtown

1450855_846877515341906_525318347_nThis is a potentially game changing week for making proposed bicycle infrastructure improvements a reality in downtown Boston. For those not already familiar, Boston recently received a TIGER Grant from the U.S DOT to make some major streetscape upgrades in and around downtown. The project, called Connect Historic Boston, calls for a family-friendly, bi-directional bike loop protected from car traffic that will provide residents and visitors a safe route into and around downtown and the North End.

This week, two major public meetings are happening to get community input on two important sections of this proposed bike route. Here is a rundown:

TONIGHT (Wednesday, November 20): the City of Boston will present a concept plan for the Atlantic Ave/Commercial Street protected bike lane. North End residents are especially encouraged to attend. Where? Nazzaro Community Center, 30 N. Bennet St. When? Tonight at 6pm!

TOMORROW NIGHT (Thursday, November 21): the city will host a public meeting to present and discuss the redesign of Causeway Street to include protected bike lane. Where? CBT Architects, 110 Canal St When? Thursday, November 21 at 6:00pm

With more people riding bikes in Boston everyday, and more to come, bicycle advocates are encouraging high turnout for both meetings to make sure these needed safety improvements get built.


Elly Blue


Elly Blue is a bike activist, blogger, and publisher extraordinaire based out of Portland, OR. I was already familiar with her blog/zine series Taking the Lane, which covers issues around equity in cycling, but recently got further acquainted with her work after picking up a copy of her latest book Bikenomics at Brookline Booksmith (it turns out this was a fluke, as the book hasn’t even been published yet. Nonetheless I am a beneficiary of this happy mistake). When I was visiting Portland last week, we met up for coffee to chat about the cycling scenes in our respective cities, her upcoming tour of the East Coast in Spring 2014, and just generally geek out about cycling. She was kind enough to let me get her photo as well. Elly owns a few bikes, but on this particular day she was riding a customized mountain bike outfitted with an Xtracycle cargo trailer.

Ride on, Elly!

Hello Portland!

Things have been a little quiet at Cycle Style Boston recently, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. October has been a month of catching up, relaxing, and making new connections. This weekend I am in Portland, OR, perhaps he bike capital of the USA, visiting friends and soaking in the sights and tastes. I’ve had a chance to meet with some local bike activists and advocates, and excited to learn about the work they’re doing here. Stay tuned for photos and profiles, including activist, blogger and publisher Elly Blue.