Aaron Tenbuuren


Aaron is a graphic designer and illustrator who lives in Mission Hill and works at tech firm in Kendall Square. A lifelong enthusiast for all things bike-related, Aaron had a lot to say about the utility and pleasure of riding a bike:

I find bikes to be moving pieces of artwork, created and altered by their owner. The bike really becomes an expression of oneself. It’s always interesting to see a bike and it’s rider together because it often looks like those cartoons in which a dog takes on a similar appearance to the owner.

As a whole spend a lot of time in transit every day, but unlike taking public transit or driving a car, when you are on a bike you directly interact with your environment. You really get to see where you are. You discover new shops, landmarks, parks, things you wouldn’t find if you are stuck in a vehicle. I consider it to be more of a journey than a simple change of position.

I’m always trying to encourage my friends to ride. It’s one of those things that can double as entertainment as well as serve a utilitarian function. I find it much quicker than trying to build a schedule around public transit. Instead of having to wait for a bus, or transfer from one train to another, I can quickly get from point A to point B when I want to.

As a graphic designer and illustrator, Aaron makes a lot of bike-themed work. Check out his neat designs on his website.

Ride on, Aaron.


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