Out of Town Style: Jessica Fletcher


In honor of the start of Spring, Cycle Style Boston took a little trip downeast to the quaint Maine seaside village Cabot Cove, where we caught up with its most famous and cycle-stylish resident, the mystery writer Jessica Fletcher. Despite the idyllic scenery, Cabot Cove has a dark side: it has a ghastly high murder rate.

Screen-shot-2011-02-02-at-12.39.41-PM1But the town is lucky to have Jessica. Thanks to her wit, persistence, and uncanny ability to pop up at the scene of the crime, hundreds of murderers are behind bars. She’s even foiled sinister plots involving the KGB, CIA and FBI.

After retiring as a schoolteacher, and the untimely loss of her beloved husband Frank, Jessica took to writing murder mysteries. She had no idea that her first book, The Corpse Danced at Midnight, would catapult her into international stardom.

Jessica, also known by her pen name J.B. Fletcher, is a committed multi-modalist. Having never learned to drive, she can be spotted walking, taking a taxi, jogging, but most often riding her bicycle for transportation around Cabot Cove. She credits her active lifestyle to keeping her so healthy and mentally sharp into her golden years.

Ride on, Jessica!


One Comment on “Out of Town Style: Jessica Fletcher”

  1. Dave Poplin says:

    HAHHHH! (this. is amazing.)

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