Aaron Tenbuuren


Aaron is a graphic designer and illustrator who lives in Mission Hill and works at tech firm in Kendall Square. A lifelong enthusiast for all things bike-related, Aaron had a lot to say about the utility and pleasure of riding a bike: Read the rest of this entry »




Readers of this blog may remember my earlier feature on Bekka Wright, the artist and creative force behind  the witty, imaginative  and popular blog Bikeyface. Earlier this year, my friends over at Momentum Mag got in touch about doing a photo shoot for their BikeStyle series featuring Bekka. The premise? To show Bekka with a drawing of her character, the protagonist of the Bikeyface cartoons. This photo appears in the current issue of Momentum Mag, currently on the shelves. Go pick up your copy today! Here are a few outtakes from the shoot. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Abroad: Moshi, Tanzania


Moshi street scene: man riding what appears to be a Flying Pigeon

In honor of August being the month when many people go on vacation, and when those of us still around like to pretend we are on vacation, Cycle Style Boston is taking you abroad. Having already taken you to the bustling streets of Buenos Aires, we now head east. Last July I had the privilege of travelling to Tanzania for a family wedding. We stayed in the city of Moshi, near the famous Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. Naturally, many photos were taken, and given that bicycles are a common way for people to get around in developing countries, naturally many bikes and people riding bikes managed to find their way into these photos. Here are a few highlights. Read the rest of this entry »

Out of town Saturdays: Buenos Aires by Bicycle Pt. 1



As promised, I have put together a post with high-resolution photos from my recent trip to Buenos Aires. This will be a two part series- the first post featuring various bicycle-related scenes around Buenos Aires, and second featuring photos from our day-long trip around the city by bicycle.

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Sophy Sean and his Flying Pigeon


Sophy Sean is a retired engineer living in Boston. His ride? A classic Chinese Flying Pigeon his daughter bought for him. Fun fact: the Flying Pigeon is considered to be the most popular vehicle ever with over 500 million units made as of 2007, according to Wikipedia. I spotted him at the recent Boston Bike Week Festival at City Hall Plaza and he was kind enough to let me get his photo. Ride on, Sophy!

Boston Bike Party – Part Two


One week on, I am still reliving the magic of Boston Bike Party. Here are a few more photos taken that evening. Read the rest of this entry »

Harvard Square style


Feeling fency?