Kati Reusche


Sometimes your friends in the bike community hook you up with cool people to feature on your blog.

Such was the case when my friend Greg Hum recommended I talk to Kati Reusche, a colleague of his who happens to own one of those “invisible helmets” you’ve probably heard about. It’s called a Hövding (pronounced something like “hoov-ding). If you haven’t heard, this Swedish designed product is like an airbag for your head that detects when you’ve been in a collision and inflates automatically to protect your gray matter.

Originally from Germany, Kati works at Boston University and rides her bike from her home in Beacon Hill to work most days throughout the year. After our photo shoot, we caught up via email for a little Q & A. Read the rest of this entry »


Barbara Jacobson


Barbara is the first person to provide me with her cycling bio written in third persion and complete with a quote! In her own words Read the rest of this entry »

Aaron Villere


Aaron Villere is a graduate student working towards his Master’s in City Planning at BU Metropolitan College, with a focus transportation planning and public space. Aaron also works for the Boston Cyclists Union doing advocacy in Cambridge, and will be heading their Bike to Market program at the Union Square Farmers Market this summer. When moving to Cambridge in 2010, Aaron bought his Miyata 610 at Quad Bikes before even buying a mattress because he knew that’s exactly how he’d get around the city. His bike’s name is ‘BW’, but Read the rest of this entry »