Readers of this blog may remember my earlier feature on Bekka Wright, the artist and creative force behind  the witty, imaginative  and popular blog Bikeyface. Earlier this year, my friends over at Momentum Mag got in touch about doing a photo shoot for their BikeStyle series featuring Bekka. The premise? To show Bekka with a drawing of her character, the protagonist of the Bikeyface cartoons. This photo appears in the current issue of Momentum Mag, currently on the shelves. Go pick up your copy today! Here are a few outtakes from the shoot. Read the rest of this entry »


Cambridge, You’ve Done it Again


Residents of Cambridgeport have been putting up with construction along the length of Western Ave for over a year now. Finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After doing major utility work along the corridor, construction crews are starting to put the street back together. But what was once a wide, highway-like roadway cutting through the neighborhood will return as a human-scale city street. The design maintains two lanes of one-way traffic going westbound and parallel parking on both sides of the street, but moves the bike lane up onto sidewalk level where people riding bikes will be protected from roadway hazards like double-parked cars, aggressive drivers, potholes, and opening car doors.  Read the rest of this entry »

Drum Biker: Greg Hum


There is a good chance you have seen or heard Greg Hum riding by somewhere around Boston. If you are a cyclist in Boston, there is also a good chance that you’ve gone on a ride Greg had a hand in creating. In 2009, Greg had an idea to cycle the route of the Boston Marathon at midnight before the race with a group of friends. Fast forward to 2013 and the Midnight Marathon ride has become an institution and tradition: this year the MBTA ran an exclusive Commuter Rail train from South Station to the start line  in Hopkinton. Earlier this year, Greg was part of the group that brought Boston Bike Party to life. Next Tuesday, September 24, Boston Bike Party’s monthly installment – this month’s theme is “Back to School” – will roll again from Dewey Square at 7:30pm. Greg and I caught up for a little Q&A about drum biking, using guardrails as instruments, and Oreo cookies, among other things.  Read the rest of this entry »

Julia Fröse


Julia sent me an email after finding a note on her bike while it was parked in the basement of her workplace. Interestingly, I did not leave this note, but I am glad she got in touch for a photo shoot. Thank you, mystery note-leaver! Julia recently moved from Germany to the Boston area, where she is pursuing a Ph.D. in cancer research in a big laboratory in Cambridge: “It’s my dream to help to unravel the mysteries of cancer progression and contribute to better treatments in the future.”  Read the rest of this entry »

Sol Jun


Sol studies jazz composition at Berklee College of Music and lives in Cambridge, commuting to and from class with ease on her Dahon folding bike.

Ride on, Sol!

Bike Party Planner: Elodie Garcia


In honor of last night’s Boston Bike Party – July Edition, this is Boston Bike Party organizer Elodie Garcia. After living in Washington, DC and knowing a good thing when she saw it, she decided to bring Bike Party to Boston.

Elodie originally hails from France, but feels right at home in Boston. She says the architecture and city planning remind her of being in a European city. She rides a signature pink Schwinn cruiser she bought on Craigslist. You can read more about Boston Bike Party and Elodie in this article in the Metro.

Ride on, Elodie!

Carice Reddien: Bicycle Belle


You may have seen Carice Reddien riding her Workcycles bakfiets around Cambridge and Somerville, carting around her dog Henry, groceries, or maybe bikefull of CSA vegetables. Carice is the owner and proprietor of the just-opened shop Bicycle Belle located at the corner of Read the rest of this entry »