Aaron Tenbuuren


Aaron is a graphic designer and illustrator who lives in Mission Hill and works at tech firm in Kendall Square. A lifelong enthusiast for all things bike-related, Aaron had a lot to say about the utility and pleasure of riding a bike: Read the rest of this entry »




Readers of this blog may remember my earlier feature on Bekka Wright, the artist and creative force behind  the witty, imaginative  and popular blog Bikeyface. Earlier this year, my friends over at Momentum Mag got in touch about doing a photo shoot for their BikeStyle series featuring Bekka. The premise? To show Bekka with a drawing of her character, the protagonist of the Bikeyface cartoons. This photo appears in the current issue of Momentum Mag, currently on the shelves. Go pick up your copy today! Here are a few outtakes from the shoot. Read the rest of this entry »

Elly Blue


Elly Blue is a bike activist, blogger, and publisher extraordinaire based out of Portland, OR. I was already familiar with her blog/zine series Taking the Lane, which covers issues around equity in cycling, but recently got further acquainted with her work after picking up a copy of her latest book Bikenomics at Brookline Booksmith (it turns out this was a fluke, as the book hasn’t even been published yet. Nonetheless I am a beneficiary of this happy mistake). When I was visiting Portland last week, we met up for coffee to chat about the cycling scenes in our respective cities, her upcoming tour of the East Coast in Spring 2014, and just generally geek out about cycling. She was kind enough to let me get her photo as well. Elly owns a few bikes, but on this particular day she was riding a customized mountain bike outfitted with an Xtracycle cargo trailer.

Ride on, Elly!

Aaron Fink


The last time I rode a bike with my dad, Aaron Fink, it was 2008 and we were mountain biking in a wooded park near Gloucester. One wrong move sent him to the emergency room that day, and left him with a fractured tibia and at the start of what would turn out to be a long recovery. There were months of progress and setbacks, and finally a knee replacement surgery. Five years later, it is amazing to see his progress. It’s almost as if nothing had happened. Read the rest of this entry »

Megan Dickerson, Experience Designer


I had the pleasure of meeting Megan several years ago while I was working at a store selling high-end second hand clothing. She would come in, bike helmet in tow, throughout the year, rain or shine. I remember asking her a lot of questions and seeking advice, especially on rainy days. Seeing her riding year round was part of what inspired me to start taking cycling more seriously as a way to get around the city. She is one of the few people I know who can pull off an effortless style while riding a bike almost every day of the year. Read the rest of this entry »

Nivia Piña


Nivia is co-owner of the popular and long-running Roxbury restaurant Merengue. With her husband Héctor, they’ve been serving up delicious Dominican favorites since opening in 1994. This past Sunday was Circle the City’s Open Streets Open World on Blue Hill Avenue, and the entire street was closed off to motorized traffic for the enjoyment of the community. Nivia was kind enough to let me take her photo with her blue Electra cruiser. I asked if she rides a lot. “Not as often as I would like” she replied before riding off down a car-free Blue Hill Ave with Héctor. Later, as motor vehicles were allowed back onto to the street and a steady stream of cars and trucks sped by, I understood why.

Ride on, Nivia!

Boston Bike Party: Back to School


This past Tuesday saw yet another installment of Boston Bike Party. The theme this month? Back to school. Here are a few highlights.  The three photos above are panoramas, so be sure the click on them to see the enlargement. You can view more photos from the evening if you click on over to the Boston Bike Party Facebook album. More photos below the fold. Read the rest of this entry »