Drum Biker: Greg Hum


There is a good chance you have seen or heard Greg Hum riding by somewhere around Boston. If you are a cyclist in Boston, there is also a good chance that you’ve gone on a ride Greg had a hand in creating. In 2009, Greg had an idea to cycle the route of the Boston Marathon at midnight before the race with a group of friends. Fast forward to 2013 and the Midnight Marathon ride has become an institution and tradition: this year the MBTA ran an exclusive Commuter Rail train from South Station to the start line  in Hopkinton. Earlier this year, Greg was part of the group that brought Boston Bike Party to life. Next Tuesday, September 24, Boston Bike Party’s monthly installment – this month’s theme is “Back to School” – will roll again from Dewey Square at 7:30pm. Greg and I caught up for a little Q&A about drum biking, using guardrails as instruments, and Oreo cookies, among other things.  Read the rest of this entry »


Hampshire Street style


Cambridge, or Copenhagen?

Stephen Goss

Stephen Goss-1

This Stephen Goss with his 2012 All-City Space Horse he calls Hawkwind, which he has outfitted to be the perfect weekend bike for longer rides and rambles. During the week he commutes from his home near Inman Square to his office in the Read the rest of this entry »

Bekka, aka Bikeyface


Bekka Wright is the person behind Bikeyface. Last week we connected via the magic of Twitter for a photo shoot and meetup in Inman Square. If you don’t know about Bikeyface, you probably should. Started in June 2011, Bekka has been illustrating the almost-weekly series of cartoons full of funny yet cutting observations about of cycling in the city. Topics range from the rules of the road to gender representation in cycling advocacy to pastries, portraying the magical world that cyclists get to inhabit while drivers and MBTA riders get to slog it out in a drab, sedentary reality. Read the rest of this entry »