Peter Cheung


Based on his love of winter bike riding, you might not guess that Peter Cheung was born and raised on the tropical island of Aruba. Before bicycles, Peter’s two-wheeled obsession was motorcycles. But after what he says were “too many speeding tickets and eventually getting a motorcycle stolen,” he was drawn to bicycles.

For Peter, a Jamaica Plain resident who rides year round but only occasionally commutes by bike to this workplace in Revere, his biking roots run deep. He owns two road bikes and one mountain bike, and is the Lead Safety Marshal for Boston Bike Party.

He speaks also speaks 5 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch and Papiamento.

Ride on, Peter!


Edwin & Jessie


Jessie is a Research Analyst at Metropolitan Area Planning Council and recently earned her masters in Urban Planning at Tufts University. Edwin DJs around Boston and currently enjoys borrowing Jessie’s Hubway membership while his bike is out of commission. Jessie lives in Jamaica Plain and Edwin in Dudley Square, Roxbury. Cycle Style Boston caught up with Jessie recently for a little Q & A. Read the rest of this entry »

Clementine, Sophie & Todd Consentino


Todd and his family live in Roslindale. Todd is a bike advocate, blogger at Biking in Boston with Kids, and GIS & Database Administrator for the Town of Belmont. He commutes by bike every day, rain or shine, 26 miles round trip between Roslindale and Belmont. On the weekends, he and his daughters Clementine (younger, at right) and Sophie (older, at left), hop into their signature orange CETMA Cargo bike and explore the parks and playgrounds along the Southwest Corridor.

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Navah & Julia


Navah (left) and Julia (right) are best friends who met at a study abroad program in Auckland, NZ. Navah has since moved to Chicago, but returns regularly to visit Julia, who lives in Allston, and ride bikes. Navah is pictured riding the ever-ubiquitous Torker U-district. Julia rides a trusty 1980s Saint Tropez road bike that she has learned basic bike maintenance on. “She matches me most of the time, all black except for yellow on top. The grip tape was my first custom mod. Most people think shes black and yellow for the Bruins, but shes black and yellow just for me.” Read the rest of this entry »

Johanna Warwick


Johanna is an artist and photography professor. Having just recently departed Boston, she will soon be riding her gold custom built one-speed around Nacogdoches, TX where she has taken a job as a photography professor.

This photo appears in the current issue of Momentum Magazine, Issue #62.

Ride on, Johanna!

Chris Petty


Chris Petty, resident of Jamaica Plain, recently spotted out enjoying a relaxed ride on the Southwest Corridor with his friend Dusty.

This photo is from a series of my photos that appeared in the current issue of Momentum Magazine, Issue #62.

Ride on, Chris!

Dusty McGuire


Dusty caught my eye because of his unusual bike. His ride is a standard diamond frame road bike frame with extra tall chopper handlebars built, he says, to suit his long legs and short arms. He wanted to make sure I got the Bikes Not Bombs sticker on his helmet in my photo of him.

A Dorchester native, Dusty has been cycling in Boston since the 1970s. “One day I needed to get somewhere quick, so I took my sister’s three speed. Been riding ever since.” He adds, emphatically: “Boston is a biking city.”

Ride on, Dusty!